The world's first quartz
saturation diver's watch, 1978

Since their introduction in 1965, each new generation of Seiko's diver's watches has earned a reputation for taking technology to the next level. As the result of a half-century of innovation, the Seiko diver's watch has become the global standard against which all others are measured.

The birth of the
professional diver's watch

It all began with a letter from Hiroshima. The correspondent, a professional diver, explained that no watch could withstand the stresses and strains he experienced when working at depths greater than 300m. Inspired, Seiko engineers got down to work. Years of research development paid off in 1975 with the introduction of the world's first titanium cased diver's watch: the Professional Diver's 600m.

A mere three years later, the Professional Diver's 600m was upgraded with the 7549 caliber, transforming it into the world's first saturation diving watch with a quartz movement. In 1983, to test its reliability, the watch was strapped to the research submarine "SHINKAI 2000" and taken to a depth of 1,062 meters below sea level, nearly twice as deep as its specified maximum. It performed with perfect accuracy.

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Courtesy: JAMSTEC


Reviving a legendary design with
enhanced technical specifications

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Seiko's invention of
the world's first professional quartz diver's watch, this landmark timepiece is
faithfully recreated in design but re-invented with Seiko's latest technology and materials.

A classic case made more durable than ever

Adopting the matte gold and black finish of the original provides a classic feel. The original titanium outer protector case has been upgraded to zirconia ceramic, which is seven times harder than stainless steel and even more resistant to corrosion than titanium.

The dial pays homage to the original with adding cutting-edge legibility

The dial layout, unique hour markers and the crown are faithful recreations of the original watch. The easily distinguishable hands have been coated with a new, longer-lasting LumiBrite.

The accordion-style strap

This commemorative version is offered with a high-strength silicone accordion strap which will remain tight on the wrist when worn over a wetsuit or next to the skin.

1,000-meter saturation diver's

The water resistance of the original watch has been increased from 600 meters to 1,000 meters.


Limited edition of 1,978
Available from September