Enhanced Water Resistance

A first for the Astron collection, the executive sports series watches have 20 bar water resistance, allowing them to go where no Astron has gone before

Increased Legibility

With wider hands and indexes clad in the LumiBrite, the executive sports series delivers increased legibility. 
The UTC codes on the sapphire crystal bezel also carry LumiBrite. The watch remains legible for hours after the lights go off - perfect for a night yacht adventure or an early-morning trek.

A New Crown Guard for Enhanced Durability

To ensure that the executive sports series can withstand any weekend adventure, all models have a titanium case and a new crown guard. The specially designed case structure with the crown guard protects the watch against shock and impacts

A High-Strength Strap and New Buckle

An extra-strength silicone strap allows the watch to sit easily on any wrist, large or small, and a new style of deployment buckle offers enhanced comfort and a more streamlined look.

Clean-Cut Dial

The well-defined dial is the signature of Astron, and longer hands and markers increase legibility.


Intuitive Operation

The operation of the watch is made simple by the electronic setting function in the crown.

Super-Clear Coating, Super-Hard Coating

A super-clear coating and a super-hard coating have been applied on glasses and cases, respectively.

GPS Solar

The World’s First GPS Solar Watch

By connecting to the GPS network, the new Astron adjusts at the touch of a button to your time zone* and, by taking all the energy it needs from light alone, never needs a battery change.

  • For the time zone information of your caliber, please refer to here. If there are changes in the region/time zone, manual time zone selection may be required.

Automatic Time Adjustment

Whenever the dial is exposed to bright light, the watch automatically receives GPS signals. When the watch is concealed under a sleeve and the dial cannot receive enough light, the watch stores the time of the previous successful manual time adjustment or time zone adjustment, and automatically starts time adjustment at the same time.

High Reception Performance of an Exclusive Seiko Ring

An exclusive Seiko ring antenna placed under the dial ring is suitable for automatic reception as it can easily receive signals regardless of posture.

In-Flight Mode

In order to avoid any interference with the operation of electronic devices in an airplane, in-flight mode is available when boarding a plane. In the in-flight mode, the GPS signal reception function will not work.

DST (Daylight Saving Time)

In areas where DST (Daylight Saving Time) applies, the time can be adjusted manually.