Presage brand story

New Perspectives

Imagine a finely crafted mechanical timepiece,
inspired by Japanese tradition with a modern,
fresh touch.
That timepiece is here.


Seiko Presage:
embodying the rich,
diverse beauty of Japan

Sharp Edged Series

The Sharp Edged Series captures the simplicity and refinement of the Japanese Asanoha hemp leaf pattern with its sharp and angular case construction.


The Style60’s combines the vintage design of the 1964 creation with contemporary elements to create a series with a retro feel perfect for modern times.

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Cocktail Time

The Cocktail Time brings a cocktail bar to your wrist.

design series

The design series inspired by Japanese gardens.

Introducing the timeless traditions of Japanese artisanship,
aesthetics and spirituality behind Seiko Presage

Japan's Timeless Traditions Seiko Presage