Seiko Presage Basic Line Star Bar Limited Edition


Two watches join the STAR BAR limited edition collection from Seiko Presage.
These limited edition watches are inspired by one of the world’s leading bartenders, Mr. Hisashi Kishi, and his special cocktails that capture the “scenes from Kyoto.”

The first bartender to be awarded the "Contemporary Master Craftsman" award, STAR BAR owner Hisashi Kishi created this original cocktail, which has the flavors of Kyoto's famous green tea and hojicha.
This special cocktail expresses the lush nature of Kyoto and the historical atmosphere of the city by using ingredients associated with Kyoto.

Hisashi Kishi,
the head bartender of STAR BAR
in Tokyo’s Ginza district and a past winner of
the International Bar Association World Championships.


The dial of this watch has a pattern that is reminiscent of Kyoto’s famous tea leaves. This is a special edition that allows you to feel the deep flavors and tastes drawn from the rich ingredients of Kyoto.

As a proof of the limited edition, not only is it enclosed in a special box, but the thick calf strap has a vintage style finish.

The see-through case back of the watch is not only marked with the words "Limited Edition" and the serial number, but also allows the wearer to enjoy the automatic mechanical movement work.

Seiko Presage
STAR BAR Limited Edition

[Caliber 4R35]
Limited edition of 7,000


[Caliber 4R35]
Limited edition of 7,000