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Seiko Astron Executive Sports Line Novak Djokovic Limited Edition

The Novak Djokovic Limited Edition has a strong design that is perfect for adventurous world travelers. This model ingeniously captures the essence of Novak’s approach to tennis – power, precision, passion and grace – through the addition of design features unique to this GPS solar watch.


Black and gold colour combination

A colour combination inspired by Novak’s aggressive yet controlled style of play.

Witty but discreet design accent
- minute markers in honor of Novak

The tennis points system – Love, 15, 30, and 40 – is used for four of the minute markers as a subtle nod to the sport played by the great sportsman who inspires this creation.
A star at the eight o’clock marker honors Novak for being one of only eight players in history to achieve a career Grand Slam.

Highlighted UTC codes of the venues
of Novak’s Grand Slam victories

The UTC codes for the four cities that host the Grand Slam tournaments, Paris, London, New York, and Melbourne, are highlighted on the bezel.

Novak’s signature and individual
serial number on the case back

The case back proudly bears Novak’s signature. Every watch has its own individual serial number and is offered in a special presentation box.


Super-hard black coating

To ensure its durability, the watch has been coated with Seiko’s unique super-hard black coating, giving it scratch-resistance and a uniform jet-black colour that will not fade.

In-flight mode

In order to avoid any interference with the operation of electronic devices in an airplane, in-flight mode is available when boarding a plane. In the in-flight mode, the GPS signal reception function will not work.

DST (Daylight Saving Time)

In areas where DST (Daylight Saving Time) applies, the time can be adjusted manually.


Seiko Astron
Executive Sports Line
Novak Djokovic
Limited Edition


Limited edition of 1,500 pcs

Available from September 2018