Japanese design pioneer

渡辺 力 Riki Watanabe

The dial is made of enamel and has a simple yet modern design reflecting the philosophy of Riki Watanabe, a pioneer of modern Japanese design.
The highest level of Japanese aesthetic and craftsmanship is reflected in the movement, materials and design, and with it, a brand new form of Japanese artistry is born in Presage.

The photo of Riki Watanabe

© Koji Murakoshi

Riki Watanabe

1911 ~ 2013

As a pioneer of modern Japanese design, Riki Watanabe made great contributions to design recognition in both social and educational fields throughout Japan, such as the establishment of the Japan Industrial Designers’ Association. He received many awards including the Milan Triennale Exhibition Gold Award, the Mainichi Design Award, and the Japanese Medal of Honor with purple ribbon awarded by the Government of Japan.


The photo of Riki Clock
Riki Clock
A wall clock reflecting the design philosophy of Riki Watanabe. The dial design is characterized by a careful consideration of fonts, layout, and other design features to enhance legibility.
The photo of Riki Windsor
Riki Windsor
A Windsor chair by Riki Watanabe adapted to the living environment in Japan.
The photo of Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
Riki Watanabe worked with architect Kiyoshi Seike on the interior design of Japanese hotel chain Prince Hotels.
The works extend to various locations throughout Japan and overseas.
The photo of Stainless Tray
Stainless Tray
This stainless steel tray has become so popular that it is almost considered to be of an anonymous design. It is now known simply as “Uni-Tray”.