30 Sep 2022
Communiqué de presse

The tradition of Kabuki theater inspires two new Presage creations.

The Presage Sharp Edged Series adapts the traditional Japanese art of Kabuki to the modern age.

Ever since its introduction in 2020, the creative combination of Japanese culture and modern design has been a central feature of the Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series. Today, two new creations join this series and pay homage to the enduring longevity of Kabuki, a Japanese form of theater that has its roots in the 17th century Edo period and is still popular today. These watches have been designed in collaboration with Ebizo Ichikawa, one of Japan's most prominent and influential Kabuki actors.

Reaching back into the history of Kabuki

The two new creations express the artistry of Kabuki in every detail. The dials incorporate the Japanese hemp leaf pattern known as Asanoha, which has been used in the fabric of Kabuki costumes for centuries. Partly thanks to the popularity and influence of Kabuki actors, the Asanoha pattern has long been highly favored in Japanese fashion and design.

The sharply edged geometric pattern of the dial with its rich Asanoha texture
presents an ever-changing aspect as the light plays across it at different angles.

The dial’s reddish-brown persimmon color is known as Kakiiro and is a traditional Japanese color that originated with the Ichikawa family who first used it generations ago in their Kabuki costumes. Still today, Kakiiro remains a Kabuki favorite. The dial edge is a darker shade so that the gold color hands and indexes stand out clearly.