As of April 1, 2021, the following management changes at Seiko Watch Corporation come into effect.

Current title

New title


and Chief Executive Officer,
Representative Director

Chairman of the Board,  Director

Shinji Hattori

Chief Operating Officer
and Chief Marketing Officer,
Representative Director


Shuji Takahashi

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

President, Representative Director

Akio Naito

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Deputy Chief Operating Officer,
Representative Director

Minoru Ishiguro

While remaining as Chairman of the Board, Shinji Hattori will relinquish the position of CEO of Seiko Watch Corporation to focus on his role as Chairman and Group CEO and CCO, Representative Director of Seiko Holdings Corporation.   
Shuji Takahashi will be appointed as President, Representative Director of Seiko Holdings Corporation on June 29, replacing Yoshinobu Nakamura who has been in this role since 2012. 

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