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Seiko automatic movement 6R20. This high grade caliber is designed to place the Seiko firmly in the high quality mechanical market. The 6R20 movement is made of parts, all of which except rubies, are produced and assembled by Seiko Instruments Inc. The movement is exquisitely finished with an engraved rotor, polished edges to the bridges and hairline shading on the main surfaces. The high beat (28,800) movement delivers accuracy of -15~+25 seconds a day and the Spron 510* mainspring generates a power reserve of more than 45 hours.

* Spron 510 is a high-elastic material developed by Seiko Instruments Inc., and its registered trademark.

Caliber Specification (Caliber 6R20)

  • Hour, minute and second hands
  • Day and date hands
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 28,800 beats/hour
  • 29 jewels
  • 208 parts
  • Hand winding capability
  • Engraved rotor

Caliber Specification (Caliber 6R15)

  • Hour, minute and second hands with calendar
  • 23 jewels
  • 168 parts
  • Hand winding capability
  • Engraved rotor