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March 27, 2014 RLS1403-04

Seiko and Novak Djokovic: a perfect match

We strive for perfection in watchmaking; we always have and we always will. When Kintaro Hattori founded the company in 1881, he was determined that Seiko should be ‘‘always one step ahead of the rest’’, and we live today by this creed. This is why, when the opportunity to work with Novak Djokovic arose, we welcomed it immediately. In Novak, we see someone who shares our desire to be the best and who is determined to maintain his status as a leader. Like Seiko, Novak is dedicated to perfection. And like Novak, Seiko is determined to be “one step ahead of the rest”.

A watch for every aspect of Novak’s life

We are delighted that Novak selected Seiko and we are honored and proud to be his partner for the next three years. We admire Novak as a player, of course, but we also admire him as a person who has a rich range of interests and a very varied lifestyle.

We cannot help Novak win tennis matches, but we can help him manage time in every other aspect of his life. We have created a series of watches that Novak will be wearing in 2014, each selected to suit the different aspects of Novak’s life. When he is training, Novak will wear a watch he has selected from our Sportura chronograph collection. When he is at an evening function, Novak will wear a Premier Kinetic Perpetual watch. When he is away from the tennis world and enjoying his passion for adventure sports, it will be the new Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver's watch that accompanies him. Lastly, and most importantly for us and for Novak, whose global schedule is so hectic, when he is traveling Novak will wear the Astron GPS Solar watch that uses the GPS network and the power of light to adjust to each and every time zone on earth. We estimate that, in 2014 alone, Novak’s schedule would normally require him to adjust his watch at least 60 times. With Astron, he will not have to worry about it once.


A campaign that reveals the real Novak

The campaign that celebrates this partnership reveals several different aspects of his life. We see him playing tennis, of course, but we also see him relaxing in a tennis lounge, on the way home after practice, traveling and going out for a spin. The images show the variety that constitutes Novak’s life and also reveal the relaxed charm that makes him so loved by tennis fans the world over.

In addition to these print images, Novak stars in two broadcast films that will be used internationally in 2014, one for Prospex and the other for Premier. In both, we see a playful, relaxed Novak, first helping a young boy retrieve a tennis ball that he has hit into a flower pot, and, in the second, racing against a cyclist when out on a training run. The world knows Novak the tennis player. The Seiko campaign will show the world Novak the man.