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The information of a leap second

As was announced by IERS (International Earth Rotating and Reference Systems Service) in Paris, a leap second will be inserted at the end of June 30, 2015 at 23:59:60 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time); it is the first time in 3 years in order to synchronize atomic clocks with astronomical time.

The sequence of dates of the UTC markers will be as below;

2015 June30
2015 June 30
23:59:60 (Leap second added)
2015 July 01

e.g.) Japan

2015 July 01
2015 July 01
08:59:60 (Leap second added)
2015 July 01

After this leap second change, ensure the adjustment in time either by manual time adjustment or automatic time
adjustment if your watch has radio wave controlled function or receiving GPS signals.

This will ensure the time is set correctly for Radio Wave or GPS watches.

Radio Wave controlled watch >> manual time adjustment
GPS solar watch >> http://www.seikowatches.com/information/popup_2015_01.html

About Leap Second

The leap second is to compensate for deviations from the "Universal Time" (UT) which is astronomically determined and the "International Atomic Time" (TAI). 1 second may be added (deleted) once a year or every few years at the end of June or December.

(June, 2015)