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GPS Solar

Receives the signal from the GPS satellites over the far 20000 km

Wherever you are on the earth, with only the push of a button operation, GPS solar watch pinpoints its location and identifies your exact time by receiving GPS signals from 4 or more GPS satellites.
It never stops unless it receives all the power it needs from light absorbed through the dial and it has a power reserve indicator to show the amount of energy stored.

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Show the exact time of the current position

  • Anywhere in your destination
  • At summit and sea

solar electric generation

Time Zone

Adjusts to all time zones on earth.

Unlike radio control watches, which work only in a small part of the world's land mass, GPS solar watch recognizes all the currently recognized time zones on earth.
Whether you are on a mountain top, in the middle of the ocean, or even in the center of a desert, the watch tells the exact local time.

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Radio signal reception ranges

  • Radio control watches
  • GPS Solar watch


GPS Solar watch Product from this place


A variety of other features

Automatic time adjustment

Whenever the dial is exposed to bright light, the watch automatically receives GPS signals. When the watch is concealed under a sleeve and the dial cannot receive enough light, the watch stores the time of the previous successful manual time adjustment or time zone adjustment, and automatically starts time adjustment at the same time.

In-flight mode

In order to avoid any interference with the operation of electronic devices in an airplane, in-flight mode is available when boarding a plane. In the in-flight mode, the GPS signal reception function will not work.

Calendar correction is automatic.

GPS solar watch has a Perpetual Calendar that is correct until February 28, 2100.

Dayligt Saving Time(DST)

In areas where Daylight Saving Time (DST) applies, the time can be adjusted manually.

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How to use

  • Time Zone Adjustment

    Time Zone Adjustment

  • In-Flight Mode

    In-Flight Mode

  • Daylight Saving Time (DST)

    Daylight Saving Time (DST)

  • Manual Time Adjustment

    Manual Time Adjustment

GPS Solar watch Product from this place