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Corporate Profile

Corporate Data

Company Name Seiko Watch Corporation

Seiko Holdings Corporation

Start of Operation July 2001
Paid-in Capital Five billion yen
Number of Employees 412 (March 2017)
2,421 (March 2017, consolidated)
Business Activities Product planning and sales of watches for domestic and overseas market

Board of Directors

Chairman & CEO Shinji HATTORI
President & COO & CMO Shuji TAKAHASHI
Director, Senior Executive Vice President Akio NAITO
Director, Senior Executive Vice President Minoru ISHIGURO
Director, Executive Vice President Yukinori KATO
Director, Executive Vice President Taku YONEYAMA
Director, Senior Vice President Teruyo ISHIMARU
Director, Senior Vice President Kiyoko NIWASAKI
Director, Senior Vice President Takahiro NAITO
Director, Senior Vice President Yoshikatsu KAWADA
Director Yoshinobu NAKAMURA
Director Hiroshi NAKAHARA
Director Hiromi KANAGAWA
Corporate Auditor Shunji TANAKA
Corporate Auditor Seiichi MIKAMI
Corporate Auditor Hideo HATTORI
Corporate Auditor Yutaka NISHIMURA


Senior Vice President Atsushi KANEKO
Senior Vice President Susumu KAWANISHI
Senior Vice President Hiroshi SHIMIZU
Senior Vice President Kazuo SAIKI
Senior Vice President Yasunori HAGIWARA
Senior Vice President Ryuji ISHIMI

Head Office Location

26-1, Ginza 1-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8118, Japan