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Basel Report

Basel Report

May 1, 2013
Seiko Wing

There are over 1,000 new stands at Baselworld 2013, but very few, if any, are as well located as the Seiko Pavilion. The new first floor is an extraordinary sight; with its new central boulevard running for over 400 uninterrupted metres, it is the new centerpiece of the show, and Seiko's prime location at the very start of the boulevard is guaranteeing that many, many more visitors are seeing the new Seiko collection than in any previous year.

As visitors approach the Seiko Pavilion from the front of the Fair, it is the Seiko Wing that greets them, and pride of place is given to the new Astron collection, with Sportura, Premier, and Velatura in the other main windows.

Nine interlocked 55 inch screens show the new Astron GPS Solar film, and, in front of the screen two hostesses have been hard at work demonstrating the new Astron to the many visitors. In the showcase there is also a guide to Astron's operation. Over the first two days of the fair, several hundred demonstrations have been given already. The fame and popularity of the new Astron is clear to see here at Baselworld, 2013.

Basel Report
Basel Report


Behind every display in all the main Seiko windows, the asymmetrical shape of the back board expresses the dynamism of Seiko. The white boards are made of Miura ori, which was developed as part of the space program by Dr. Miura in the 1970's and is used for the space antennae of astronomy satellites. It is one of the latest 100 Japanese style inventions selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.

Basel Report

Astron 100th anniversary window

As befits its status as one of the key models in the history of Seiko, the 1969 Quartz Astron and the new 100th anniversary limited edition Astron GPS Solar are displayed alongside a screen playing the 100th anniversary film.

Basel Report

Ribbon window

Just on right hand side of the entrance of the Seiko wing, there is a ribbon window where Seiko's milestones in its 100 year watchmaking history are displayed. A mizuhiki, ribbon decoration, the motif is plum blossom, and it is one of the symbols used on celebratory occasions; it signifies hope for good fortune.

Basel Report

Clean energy technology

Basel Report

Sports timing

Two side windows describe Seiko's Clean Energy technology and our tradition of sports timing.