Basel Report

Basel Report

The Ananta “Kumadori” Chronograph
March 13, 2012

The array of watch brands available at Baselworld is astonishing. No less than 608 watch companies are at this year’s show, all seeking the spotlight. After a few days at the Baselworld, visitors could surely be forgiven for thinking that there can’t be anything new.

Anyone with that view should look more closely at the Ananta collection near the center of the SEIKO stand. The highlight is a limited edition, inspired by the traditional Japanese art of “Kumadori”. ‘Kumadori’ is an art within an art; all the actors in the Kabuki theatre wear an elaborate form of make-up which accentuates their emotions with dramatically exaggerated lines and vivid colors. This is Kumadori.

The dial is painted by hand with pure black lacquer by Isshu Tamura, a noted and expert lacquer artist. Once the black dial is painted, the red inner rings, also in lacquer, are applied. The effect is startling a look that is as dramatic as Kumadori itself. The watch is a high-grade mechanical chronograph and it has been attracting considerable interest here at Baselworld this week, and bringing a smile to the faces of even the most jaded and weary Baselworld visitors!

Limited Edition 2012 SAEH011  Limited Edition 2012 SAEK019