Press Conference

SEIKO Astron

The features

Now, let us see the main features of Astron.

Automatic & One touch to get the local time :
You can get the correct local time automatically or just by pushing a button to receive the location and time information from GPS satellites.

39 time zone :
Only Astron offers full coverage of all 39 time zones. The other watches cover 24 to 29 time zones at most.

Astron unites time and space

Atomic clock precision :
The time on Astron provides the atomic clock precision that is accurate to less than one second every 100,000 years.

Quick adjust :
Astron takes 6 to 10seconds to update the time as long as you stay in the same time zone. The radio control watch takes 120 seconds. Even in case you cross the border of time zone, the local time there is to be updated for 30 seconds in ideal condition.

Work on the move :
Astron receives the time information even if you are on the move, while a radio control watch needs to stand still to receive the wave.

Perpetual Calendar :
Astron has a perpetual calendar, so the date is always accurate irrespective of leap years until February 2100.