Basel Report

Basel Report
March 29, 2011

One of the defining features of Baselworld this year for SEIKO has been the extraordinary level of concern and sympathy shown by our visitors about the horrific earthquake, tsunami and related problems in Japan. We have all been touched by the many expressions of support we have received for all corners of the world.

SEIKO invented Magic Lever  for mechanical watch Kinetic Perpetual

SEIKO invented Magic Lever
for Automatic watch

Kinetic Perpetual

Solar Diver's Spring Drive

Solar Diver's

Spring Drive

Events in Japan have added a certain poignancy to SEIKO's ‘clean energy' initiatives which we are promoting at Baselworld2011 via a dedicated showcase that is attracting considerable attention. The showcase explains how SEIKO's mechanical, Kinetic, Solar and Spring Drive technologies are all, in their small way, contributing to a greener future for watchmaking. At the centre of the display is a replica of the remarkable icaré 2 solar powered glider. icaré 2 is entirely self-sustaining. Its take-off is powered by an electric motor which draws its energy from the solar cells that cover the top surface of the wings. This aircraft, built by a team at the University of Stuttgart, already holds several world records for speed and endurance and demonstrates clearly what can be achieved by green technologies.

Solar energy glider icaré2 Solar energy glider icaré2

Solar energy glider  icaré2

Perhaps, today, more than ever, clean energy should be everyone's concern.