Press Conference

"Future now" - EPD watch

Active Matrix EPD watch

Today, we bring you the next generation of Electronic Ink watches. This new watch has the same high legibility and the same 180 degree angle of visibility, but with an even more advanced technology, an active matrix display.

  • The active matrix system allows figures, text and graphics to appear on the dial in a much soother and infinitely programmable way.
  • The 300 dpi resolution delivers sharp, clear images even in a small size and the four shades of grey that are now available allow us to highlight whatever details we like.
  • This new E-Ink watch is an amazing advance in electronic watchmaking, as it required SEIKO to build a new IC with very high energy efficiency. It uses just one hundredth of the power needed to run a same size screen using the current e-book technology.
  • This is not a "concept watch" or a provisional prototype, but real watch.