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Ananta and other Elite Collections


the craftsmanship of katana. the cutting edge of seiko.

The Spring Drive Moon PhaseThe reception given to Ananta at Baselworld 2009 presaged a remarkable success for this new collection throughout the world. For 2010, three new creations are added with both Spring Drive and automatic calibers.

The artistry of Katana

Katana, The inspiration of AnantaKatana is the ancient art of Japanese sword-making. The legendary precision, beauty and sharpness of a Katana sword are expressed in every detail of the Ananta design – the “blade” polished sides, the long graceful curve of the case and the razor-sharp edges to the hands and dial markers.

The artistry of Katana

Cal. 5R67There is no union in watchmaking more perfect than between a Moon Phase and SEIKO's unique Spring Dvrive caliber. The glide motion of the hands echoes the continuous, precise and natural movement of the planets across the sky. No tick. No noise. Just the perfect glide motion of time.

The Automatic Chronograph, Caliber 8R
Two new chronographs join the Ananta collection for 2010,  both in high intensity titanium. One has the unique glide motion of Spring Drive and is offered in a limited edition of 150 while the other houses the celebrated 8R automatic caliber.