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New Collection

SEIKO Ananta is a watch designed to deliver a lifetime of delight and satisfaction, as it is supremely comfortable to wear, enjoyable to use and unrivaled in its quality of engineering. SEIKO Ananta is a watch for today and for all time.

Katana, Japanese sword

Katana is the ancient art of sword-making. First developed over 800 years ago, the Katana sword is a single sided, curved blade designed to be drawn from its scabbard and used in a single motion.

Katana forging and shaping


Katana themes of precision, artistry, parabolic curves and sharpness all find expression in the new Ananta collection.

Ananta being milled and shaped

Case polishing

Two watch studios

Ananta is made by SEIKO Master craftsmen at the fine watch studios.

Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio

Shinshu Watch Studio

The two fine watch studios. Dedicated to perfection.

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Spring Drive Chronograph

Leading the Ananta collection is the Spring Drive Chronograph, the only luxury chronograph to measure elapsed time precisely, and not to the nearest tick. Alongside the chronograph is a Spring Drive GMT in which the extended power reserve of 72 hours is expressed in a Katana-blade shaped sub-dial.

Tri-synchro regulatorVertical clutchColumn wheel

The rotor takes inspiration from the Katana hand-guard

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Automatic Chronograph

The latest models from the pioneer of automatic chronographs

As early as 1969, SEIKO built a chronograph with a ‘magic lever’, column wheel and vertical clutch. This may have been the world’s first such timepiece, and it was a milestone in SEIKO’s journey towards pre-eminence in chronograph technology. The new 8R caliber inherits many of the advances made in the 1969 piece, but adds a new precision, thanks to the CAD/CAM design of its components, the new Spron 510 alloy and the new three-pointed hammer, which ensures instant reset of the chronograph hands.

“Magic Lever” first invented by SEIKO in 1959.

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Mechanical watchmaking at its finest

Ever since the late 1960’s when SEIKO’s mechanical watchmaking skills were recognised with the highest ever scores at the Geneva and Neuchatel Observatory competitions, SEIKO has refined its luxury watchmaking skills and has created a steady stream of ever more advanced and perfect movements.

SEIKO Laurel 1913

Double Retrograde Automatic

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