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Press Release

Thursday 3rd April, 2008

The Quiet Revolution gathers pace.

The momentum of the 'quiet revolution' of Spring Drive is growing steadily. Stimulated by an increasing weight of advertising in the autumn of 2007, the watch world is discovering the beauty, purity and functional perfection of Spring Drive.

The Spring Drive Chronograph
incorporates all SEIKO's most advanced elapsed time measurement technologies.
SPS003, Limited edition of 300

At Baselworld 2007, the Spring Drive caliber portfolio was completed with the creation of the Spring Drive Chronograph, bringing to five the total number of Spring Drive movements now in the collection. Now, for 2008, the collection is expanded with new interpretations of the most celebrated Spring Drive calibers, the Chronograph and the Moon Phase. Both of these calibers take the very best advantage of the platform of Spring Drive; thanks to the revolutionary and unique glide motion of the hands, the chronograph stops at precisely the moment that the button is depressed, not at the nearest fraction, and, in the Moon Phase, the continuous and unerringly precise motion of the planets is perfectly mirrored in the glide motion of the hands and the moon phase dial.

The Spring Drive Chronograph

The Spring Drive Chronograph movement is a masterpiece of luxury watch making. The precision of the movement, which has 416 parts, is assured by 50 jewels. It features not only a chronograph accurate to one second a day but also a G.M.T. indicator, a date and a 72 hour power reserve. To depress the button of the chronograph is to feel the quality of the engineering. With the expertise born of half a century of leadership in building hand-held sports timing devices, the button operation is precise and error-free. The movement uses a vertical clutch to ensure that the chronograph operation is of extreme precision and accuracy, and a column wheel for maximum reliability and stability.

The case is stainless steel and, with the black and red accents in the dial and hands, the design speaks of precision engineering and luxury timekeeping at its most refined.

SEIKO has a distinguished tradition in chronograph development. To develop a high-grade automatic chronograph was an important goal for SEIKO in the 1960's, and nearly a decade of research and development resulted in the successful launch of Caliber 6139 in 1969. While two other companies also launched automatic chronographs in 1969, SEIKO's was the world's first to incorporate both a vertical clutch and a column wheel for stability and precision. This combination of functions in Caliber 6139 set the world standard for high quality automatic chronographs and both are, of course, incorporated.

Vertical clutch

Column wheel

The vertical clutch and column wheel systems
ensure precise chronograph operation and the highest levels of accuracy.

The Spring Drive Moon Phase

In 2006, the first Spring Drive Moon Phase was released and it proved to be the most demanded design in the collection. The harmony of the glide motion of Spring Drive with the motion of the planets as symbolised by the moon phase dial creates a magical experience of the passage of time, while the mystery of planetary motion finds new expression in this exquisite new interpretation for 2008.

The harmony of the glide motion hands and the perpetual motion of the moon
create the unique appeal of the new Spring Drive Moon Phase.
SNR017, Limited edition of 200

Luxury Detailing

The movement is finished to the highest standards of luxury watch making. The bridge and rotor are engraved with a unique pattern, symbolizing the circular concept of Spring Drive, and the glide wheel at the heart of the movement stands out in gold and can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.

The circular nature of Spring Drive is expressed in the pattern of the movement engraving,
symbolizing the continuous motion of the moon across the skies

The Spring Drive Marketing Program

When it was launched in 2005, Spring Drive was available in severely limited quantities. Its production was therefore targeted at the collectors' market, with the focus on the American, European and Asian markets. Its initial success has emboldened SEIKO Watch Corporation to dedicate more of its most skilled watchmakers to the expansion of the company's production capacity in SEIKO's manufacturing facility, with the result that Spring Drive is now more widely accessible. Significant advertising investments are now being made in all of the world's markets. In 2008, therefore, Spring Drive will be targeted not only at watch collectors but at high nett worth individuals worldwide who appreciate the most advanced and most refined timepieces in every market of the world. Spring Drive will be the focus of a sustained and significant advertising campaign in both international and national publications worldwide.

Spring Drive Chronograph SPS003
  • Caliber 5R86
  • Case : Stainless Steel, Ø45.0mm
  • Band : Stainless Steel with deployment clasp with push button release
  • Glass : Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistance : 10 Bar
  • See-through caseback with sapphire crystal
  • The recommended retail price in Europe will be approximately Euro 5,200
  • Limited Edition of 300
Caliber 5R86 :
  • Hour, minute and second hands with calendar
  • GMT hand
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 50 jewels
  • Movement Diameter : 30.0mm
  • Thickness : 7.6 mm
  • 416 parts
  • Power reserve : 72 hours with/without chronograph function in use
  • Chronograph to 12 hours
Spring Drive Moon Phase SNP017
  • Caliber 5R67
  • Case : Stainless Steel, Ø 42.3mm
  • Band : Genuine leather (Crocodile) Strap with stainless steel buckle
  • Glass : Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Water resistance : 10 Bar
  • Engraved rotor on movement
  • See-through caseback with sapphire crystal
  • The recommended retail price in Europe will be approximately Euro4,900
  • Limited Edition of 200
Caliber 5R67
  • Hour, minute and second hands with calendar
  • Moon Phase indicator
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 30 Jewels
  • Movement Diameter :30.0 mm
  • Thickness : 6.0 mm
  • 288 parts
  • Power reserve : 72 hours