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Press Release

Thursday 3rd April, 2008

Welcome to the new SEIKO!

Visitors to the Hall of Dreams at this year's Baselword exhibition will be met with a strikingly bold new sight, The Cube. This all-new stand has been designed not only to provide a suitably prestigious setting for SEIKO's new collections, but also to express the essence of SEIKO as a brand and as a watch manufacturer.

“The Cube”
The new SEIKO stand : adventurous, innovative and refined.

Viewed from afar, the stand presents a striking and sharply angled white profile. As the visitor approaches, he or she will see that the tall white rectangles of the exterior enclose a corridor, accessible from both ends of the stand, along which are showcases containing more than 50 new designs drawn from all new SEIKO collections, all of which are presented to the world for the first time at Baselworld 2008. The corridor is called the Crystal Canyon, with no less than 40,000 crystals lining its walls which rise nine meter into the air.

Once the visitor has passed along the Crystal Canyon, a new vista presents itself. The bright light and confined width of the canyon gives way to an open space whose walls are lined with rock, from the floor to the full height of the hall itself. The feeling is one of awe and yet, at the same time, of peace. The space is impressive but welcoming and SEIKO's guests will be able to explore the new collection at their leisure in this remarkable atmosphere.

The design of the stand reflects the character of SEIKO. The simplicity and impact of the rectangular exterior expresses the clarity of SEIKO's vision. Innovation and Refinement are blended together in this impressive façade and the single, small showcase cut into the exterior angle provides an opportunity to see these values embodied in one single watch.

The inner strength of SEIKO, its expertise in every area of the watch manufacturer's art, is captured in the drama of the Stone Square. Just as every SEIKO watch, Spring Drive, mechanical, Kinetic or quartz, has strength at its core in a movement of world-leading technology, so the new SEIKO stand has at its center the Stone Square expressing the strength of the brand by solid rock.

The stand offers visitors a journey of discovery through over 50 new timepieces,
all shown at Baselworld for the first time.

The new stand is also a study in contrasts. The immensity of the exterior contrasts with the intimacy of the interior. The white and simple exterior finds its counter-point in the organic materials of the inner court. These differences are brought together in harmony by the design of the stand, just as the many different skills that SEIKO brings to bear in its watchmaking are blended together into every individual timepiece. In this way, the orchestration of differences, which is at the heart of SEIKO's DNA, is also reflected in the design of the new stand.

The stand was designed in Japan in a collaborative project between SEIKO's own in-house designers and a leading design firm specializing in displays, stands and exhibitions. The new SEIKO stand, The Cube, also features the Atrium lounge and the Sky Room, luxuriously appointed spaces designed to welcome a record number of visitors for meetings or a brief moment of relaxation.