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SEIKO “The Cube”

“The Cube”. SEIKO stand is renewed. This all-new stand has been designed not only to provide a suitably prestigious setting for SEIKO's new collections, but also to express the essence of SEIKO as a brand and as a watch manufacturer. The design of the stand reflects the character of SEIKO. The simplicity and impact of the rectangular exterior expresses the clarity of SEIKO's vision. Innovation and Refinement are blended together in this impressive faζade and the single, small showcase cut into the exterior angle provides an opportunity to see these values embodied in one single watch.

SEIKO Stand Map

At BASELWORLD, there is a clear segmentation for each exhibition venue in the show. The SEIKO Stand is located in the luxury watch brands area in the ground floor in the Hall of Dreams (Hall 1.0) at position A27.

SEIKO Stand Map


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