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Press Release at Baselworld2007

Thursday 12th April, 2007

The Power Design Project, 2007

Founded in 2002, the SEIKO Power Design Project is an annual design event among SEIKO's internal design team, which challenges the designers to explore new expressions of time. Each year, SEIKO in-house designers develop these design creations as "concept watches" and they have earned increasingly wide acclaim when exhibited at the JIDA (Japan Industrial Design Association) Design Museum in Tokyo.



Exhibition at JIDA, Tokyo, November 2006

Exhibition at JIDA, Tokyo, November 2006


The project is directed by Naoto Fukasawa, an internationally celebrated designer who runs his own consultancy in Tokyo*.

For the 2006 project, the theme is "Standard". As he explains;

"The standard watch that everyone pictures in their minds may at first seem to be a rather conservative choice for a design exercise, but the "Standard" has an attraction that brings people back again and again. This attraction is created through the design carefully incorporated in the watch's manufacture."

Eleven designs were deemed to have expressed most clearly the theme of "Standard" and SEIKO proudly presents them at Baselworld 2007. In its own way each design offers glimpses of the true essence of watch design, in which form follows function without concession to superfluous design elements or ornaments.

The global interest shown in these "concept" watches has increased every year and, in 2007, they will be exhibited not only at JIDA and the SEIKO Center in Paris in July, but also at the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg.

The creativity of SEIKO's designers has been amply demonstrated in this project over the past five years and the project has established an important dialogue between SEIKO's 40 strong design team and the world market. In 2005, the 'B&W' model was developed from the motif of the Japanese traditional chess board game "Go." It was so widely praised that it was added to the SEIKO international collection. It was the first commercial SEIKO product from the Power Design Project. Who knows where the 2007 designs may lead?

For further details please see the Power Design Project website at

*Born in Yamanashi prefecture of Japan, in 1956, and graduated from Tama Art University. Established 'Naoto Fukasawa Design' in 2003. His main works include MUJI's wall-mounted CD player and the new brand ±0 (plus minus zero) of household electrical appliances and sundries. Recent works of his for Italian brands that are exhibited include B&B ITALIA, Driade, Magis, Artemide, and Danese.