Press Release

Press Release at Baselworld2007

Thursday 12th April, 2007

The Spring Drive Chronograph
The only chronograph on earth with glide motion timekeeping

The much demanded Spring Drive Chronograph has been launched at Baselworld. As befits an advance as important as this chronograph, it will be at the center of the SEIKO Spring Drive worldwide campaign during 2007.


SEIKO Spring Drive Chronograph
The only chronograph in the world to measure elapsed time in glide motion.
A limited edition of 300

The world's only glide motion chronograph

Spring Drive is the perfect platform for a precision luxury chronograph. Like the time-of-day hands, the chronograph hands move in glide motion, recording elapsed time smoothly and continuously, without a tick, and reflecting the true nature of time itself. No fraction of a second is missed; the chronograph second hand stops precisely when the button is pressed, not at the nearest second or 1/10th of a second. The wearer experiences the energy flow into the watch. The Spring Drive chronograph is a visual and emotional pleasure to wear.

Precision Operation

The Spring Drive Chronograph movement is a masterpiece of luxury watch making. The precision of the movement, which has 416 parts, is assured by 50 jewels. It features not only a chronograph accurate to one second a day but also a G.M.T. indicator, a date and a 72 hour power reserve. The movement uses a column wheel for maximum reliability and stability, and vertical coupling ensures that the chronograph operation is of extreme precision and accuracy. To depress the button of the chronograph is to feel the quality of the engineering. With the expertise born of half a century of leadership in building hand-held sports timing devices, the button operation is precise and error-free.

SEIKO's history of chronographs

SEIKO has a long history of developing chronographs; this heritage of technological development ensures reliability and stability. Especially for the automatic chronograph, SEIKO started research and development in the 60s and successfully launched the automatic chronograph in 1969. While two other companies launched automatic chronographs in 1969, SEIKO's was the world's first automatic chronograph which incorporated a vertical coupling and a column wheel for stability and precision.

Although the vertical coupling and the column wheel are now becoming the standard for high quality automatic chronographs, SEIKO has incorporated them since 1969.

In addition to this automatic chronograph, SEIKO has introduced three other "world's first" chronographs: the digital quartz chronograph in 1975, the analog quartz chronograph in 1983 and the Ultimate Kinetic chronograph in 1999.

Luxury detailing. High tech materials

The movement is finished to the highest standards of luxury watch making. The bridge and rotor are engraved with a unique pattern, symbolizing the circular concept of Spring Drive and the glide wheel at the heart of the movement stands out in gold and can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.

The case is made of high-intensity titanium, an advanced material that has the strength of stainless steel but the lightness of titanium. High intensity titanium is also highly resistant to corrosion and allows exquisite detailing on the case surfaces, both polished and with hairline.

The clearly visible glide wheel turns exactly 8 times per second, regulating the movement of the hands.

The clearly visible glide wheel turns exactly 8 times per second,
regulating the movement of the hands.

Spring Drive Chronograph, Caliber 5R86
  • Hour, minute and second hands with calendar,
  • G.M.T. hand
  • Power reserve of 72 hours
  • Chronograph to 12 hours
  • Case: High-intensity titanium
  • Band: High-intensity titanium with deployment clasp and push button release
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal
  • Case back: See-through sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance: 10 Bar
  • Retail Price: The recommended retail price in Europe will be approximately €5,500.
  • The chronograph is offered in a limited edition of 300