Press Release

Press Release at Baselworld2007

Thursday 12th April, 2007

An invitation from the President

SEIKO is again honoured and delighted to participate in the Baselworld Exhibition, which is the occasion for the global release of 2007 SEIKO collection, a cornerstone of our presence in the world market.

This year, we offer to the world market a wide range of new calibers and designs all of which express SEIKO's brand vision of Innovation and Refinement. Every model, whether Spring Drive, Kinetic, mechanical or quartz, offers these attributes in combination and is designed to contribute to the new SEIKO image of innovation and refinement.

We are particularly proud of the new Spring Drive Chronograph and the Velatura collection, as they showcase new movements that express SEIKO's "emotional technology." These new calibers allow the users to interact with their watch bond between the wearer and the watch. The Spring Drive Chronograph and Velatura will be the focus of our new worldwide communication program in 2007 and I am pleased to invite the world's media to the SEIKO pavilion in the Hall of Dreams to review these outstanding creations.

Shinji Hattori President & CEO of SEIKO Watch Corporation

Shinji Hattori
President & CEO of SEIKO Watch Corporation