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The currently well known premier international luxury goods event, BASEL Fair started in 1917 as the first "Swiss Industries Fair Basel." The Fair expanded into a European Watch and Clock Show. It has now become the largest watch, clock and jewelry event in the world attracting more than 2,100 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors including watch manufactures, buyers, and journalists from around the world.

1917 The first "Swiss Industries Fair Basel" covering all sectors, including the specialized areas of watches, clocks and jewelry.
1931 First "Swiss Watch and Clock Show" with a special pavilion.
1972 First European Watch and Clock Exhibition in conjunction with the Swiss Watch and Clock Show, with exhibitors from the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy.
1973 First "European Watch, Clock and Jewelry Show".
1983 Official designation: Basel 83 - European Watch Clock and Jewelry Show. Name changed to BASEL + year (2 digits).
1986 Overseas exhibitors are admitted for the first time. Seiko's first exhibition at Basel.
1995 Renamed the World Show. Official designation: "BASEL 95 - The World Watch, Clock and Jewelry Show".
2002 BASEL celebrates 30 years as the world's leading watch and jewelry event.

*Cited from the Basel Official Website (www.baselshow.com)

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